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  • We specialize in the customization of furniture, made with eco-friendly and sustainable materials, manufactured with our industry 4.0 smart production plant. We design, manufacture and install. 😊
  • No project is too small for us here at SP HOMES! Be it a single room makeover or even a customized shoe cabinet, feel free to approach us! Our designers will be glad to assist.
  • Here at SP HOMES our charges are based on exact material usage by leveraging on our industry 4.0 smart production system which is precise and reduces wastage hence passing on the savings to you!
  • Yes we will, at no cost to you. Our dedicated team of installers and project manager will be there with you through the entire process.
  • All home designs are created from our proprietary design software, hence there are no separate design fee. In fact, we offer complimentary design concept and 3D design rendering.
  • Yes! At SP HOMES, we offer warranty on all our products. Our Designers will be more than happy to share with you.
  • Yes! There are 0% interest free installment plan with selected banks.
  • SP Homes specialises in designing custom furniture for the whole house, leveraging on our proprietary design software. Through prompt 3D design rendering and Virtual Reality, you get to catch a glimpse of your home before it is produced at the robot-assisted facility.
    Key selling point is the ability to customise furniture with precision and production is completed at the facility before delivery thereby making installation a breeze.
    The 5 years warranty on furniture is above industry standard.
  • It is not included but can be added on.
  • Our furniture are custom made according to your home’s requirements, to maximise the space and ensure seamless finishing.